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Hsoi's App Shell 1.0a4 - a MacOS developer tool (hsois-app-shell-10a4.hqx)

Download hsois-app-shell-10a4.hqx (1,482,045 KB)

Subject: Hsoi's App Shell 1.0a4 - a MacOS developer tool

Hsoi's App Shell was a big learning tool for me to learn how to
write MacOS applications in C using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. I
felt that it might be of use to other people, so I wanted to have
it publicly available to the MacOS development community.

So, what can Hsoi's App Shell do or show you how to do?

- How to use WASTE, Marco Piovanelli's WorldScript Aware
Styled Text Engine as a replacement text engine for TextEdit
- How to use the WASTE Object Handlers
- How to use Gestalt to properly check for system capabilities
- How to use UniversalProcPtr's (both usage and how to create
your own!)
- How to have code that works on both 68k and PPC based Macintoshes
- How to read from and write to files
- How to use CustomGet/PutFile routines with your own custom
dialog filters
- How to use Aliases and take advantage of the Alias Manager
- How to Save, Save As, and Revert files
- How to properly deal with locked files
- How to take advantage of temporary files and FSpExchangeFiles
for safe saving techniques
- How to use nifty functions like FindFolder
- How to properly work with resources and the Resource Manager
- How to add name strings to help orphaned document files
- How to do submenus
- How to do dynamic menus (menus created at runtime, like a
Windows menu)

...and lots more

Hope it's useful to you!!

John C. Daub
Hsoi's Shop