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HMarqueeCaption 1.1.2 - A PowerPlant Class (hmarquee-caption-112.hqx)

Download hmarquee-caption-112.hqx (131,999 KB)

Subject: HMarqueeCaption 1.1.2 - A PowerPlant Class

A Metrowerks PowerPlant inherited class that displays a horizontally
scrolling (from right to left) "marquee" of text, similar in appearance
to the scrolling JavaScript marquee that you often see across the bottom
of web browser windows.

- Utilizes offscreen GWorlds for smooth scrolling of text.
- Uses text Handles for an amount of text limited only by available
- Utilizes modifier keys to modify scrolling behavior (increase scrolling
speed, scroll left to right, pause scrolling).

Can be used in About boxes for scrolling credits, in JavaScript
for the scrolling caption, in applications that need ticker-tape-style
animations, or anywhere a marquee-style sign and animation is desired.

The HMarqueeCaption distribution contains the HMarqueeCaption class, a
resource for easier editing in Metrowerks Constructor, and a demonstration
application to show just how easy it is to use HMarqueeCaption (made with
CodeWarrior Professional 1).

For complete information, please read the README file enclosed in the

Thanx, and enjoy!

John C. Daub
Hsoi's Shop