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HCmdButtonAttachment 1.2.1 - A PowerPlant Class (hcmdbutton-attachment-121.hqx)

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Subject: HCmdButtonAttachment 1.2.1 - A PowerPlant Class

A Metrowerks PowerPlant inherited class that gives controls (LControls) a
command-key equivalent. This allows for more keyboard navigation. For
example, the traditional "Save before closing?" dialog asks to "Save",
"Cancel" or "Don't Save". Save is typically the default key (return) and
Cancel the cancel (escape), but there is no keyboard way to hit Don't
Enter HCmdButtonAttachment.

With HCmdButtonAttachment, you can give any LControl a command-key
shortcut. You can specify the key to be the first letter/character of the
control's descriptor or it can be a character of your own arbitrary
specification. You can also have the title of the control change to
the shortcut or not, and do so after a user-configurable amount of time.

This archive includes the HCmdButtonAttachment sources, a custom CTYP file
for use with Constructor 2.4 or later, and an example application to
demonstrate the class.

For complete information, please read the README file enclosed in the

Thanx, and enjoy!

John C. Daub
Hsoi's Shop