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GrafSys 2.0 Submission (graf-sys-20-p.hqx)

Download graf-sys-20-p.hqx (500,644 KB)

From: (Christian Steffen Ove Franz)
Subject: GrafSys 2.0 Submission
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 18:50:51 --100

Dear Moderators, enclosed please find GrafSys 2.0. Please note that the
2.0 release does not replace the 1.x version since it is very different.

What is 3D GrafSys 2.0

GrafSys is a hierarchical object-oriented class library for THINK Pascal. It is
designed to facilitate easy 3D graphics and animations in your programs. GrafSys
supports full 3D control of graphical objects and electronic eye. Graphical
objects can be independently rotated (around arbitrary axes), translated and
scaled. Objects can inherit transformations (rotation, scaling and translation)
from other objects. GrafSys supports dynamic (i.e. on-the-fly) and multiple
inheritance of transformations and an unlimited number of so-called operators
(matrices) per object.

The GrafSys provides objects for 3D points, lines and whole objects that can
contain up to 8000 lines in full RGB color and more than 250'000 points. GrafSys
also supports ultra-fast polygon filling using the triangulation approach. With
it you can easily implement hidden-surface removal.

Designed for fast and simple to program animations, GrafSys supports an
AutoErase feature where the object automatically erases its previous image
before redrawing itself. For flicker-free animations GrafSys also provides easy
to use Off-Screen bit map handling.

GrafSys is a combination of procedures and a powerful, extensible class library
that can be easily curtailed to your specific needs. For example the
general-purpose 3D object 'TSObject3D' understands over fifty messages for such
diverse things as building a point/line database, rotating and drawing itself.

The 2.0 version comes with full source code.

Christian Franz