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GMS1.0b2 (music w/ QT2.0 library) (gms-10b2-o.hqx)

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Subject: GMS1.0b2 (music w/ QT2.0 library)
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 19:05:01 -0600 (CST)
From: "Glenn Andreas"

Enclose is GMS1.0b2, a library for adding background music with QuickTime 2.0
to your programs (QT 2.0 not included). It is a .o file that can be linked
with most any compiler (it was written in TP) There are six simple calls (init,
de-init, idle, suspend, resume, and play) that provide a simple way to use
the music playing components. Once set up, playing music is a simple as
playing a sound resource (simpler, actually). Includes a utilities to convert
MIDI files to "Musi" resources (it doesn't play MIDI files directly).

This is a "companion" library to the Oct MacTech article on QT Music. If you
want to include this library in your application, all I ask is a copy and
credit in the about box...

Glenn (yes, I'm still working on Chimera) Andreas