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Ghost 1.0 (source code) (ghost-10-c.hqx)

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From: (Mark Pilgrim)
Subject: Ghost 1.0 (source code)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 04:10:10 -0500 (EST)

Ghost is a classic word-building game for two or more players. Players take
turns each adding a letter to build a word, and whoever finishes the word
loses the round. Lose five rounds, and you become a "ghost" and are out of
the game! Up to five human players can compete against up to five computer
players at a variety of skill levels.

Ghost is free and is distributed under the GNU General Public License; this
archive contains complete THINK C source code for the game, as well as complete
source code for an external application used to set up the game's self-
integrity checker. If you do not have FTP access, e-mail the author requesting
a copy of the game, the source code, or a list of other programs by the same
author. The address is Bug reports, comments, and
suggestions may be sent to the same address.

This archive contains both THINK C 5 and THINK C 6 project files. Use
whichever one you wish and throw away the other.

The code demonstrates the basics of event handling, menus, hierarchical menus,
prefs file maintenance, dialogs, alerts, windows, off-screen bitmaps,
synchronous and asynchronous sounds, machine-independent timing loops, file
maintenance, Gestalt environment checking, apple events, and the not-quite-
yet-famous "cough to continue" modal dialog filter proc. None of this is very
well commented, but feel free to direct any questions to

Ghost 1.0 is copyright 1993, Mark Pilgrim, MerriMac Software Group.