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flight-simulator_v2.hqx (flight-simulator-20-c.hqx)

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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 10:32:00 PST
From: (Chris Moll)
Subject: flight-simulator_v2.hqx

This is the source code for a program to
demonstrate how to do 3D perspective drawing and
clipping. It's written as a sort of crude flight
simulator - you "fly" through a rather simple world.
It also shows how to do simple animation.
All math is fixed-point to make the speed tolerable
on feebler Macs. With an FPU the speed would be roughly
the same using floating point.
The package contains the source code, a ThinkC
vers.5.0.3 project, and an executable version compiled
for any Mac. The changes from the old version are minor,
mostly I fixed things that would prevent it from compiling.

Comments etc. to
Chris Moll

archive as /info-mac/source/c/flight-simulator_v2.hqx
(replace /info-mac/source/c/flight-simulator.hqx)