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Easy View 2.6 source code (easy-view-src-260.hqx)

Download easy-view-src-260.hqx (64,361 KB)

Subject: Easy View 2.6 source code

A number of people have asked about the status of Easy View, Akif Eyler's
popular text viewing utility. Akif hasn't worked on it in years, so I asked
him about putting it in the public domain for any programmer to update. He
agreed, and sent the enclosed archive along with the note below.

Although I don't have the time to do this personally, I'd encourage
interested programmers to communicate with one another and perhaps share
code to create a single version that would cut down on the kind of
confusion we had with the various MacPPP variants.

cheers... -Adam

After moving to Marmara University in Istanbul, I haven't had any time to
support or develop Easy View any longer. Upon a suggestion from Adam Engst,
I decided to publish the source code, open to further modifications. Since
independent future developments are possible, I suggest adding a single
letter before version number, such as "Easy View A2.70" or "Easy View
P2.85", the letter indicating the author.

Easy View was written in Object Pascal and it requires MacApp 2.x. Easy
View extensions can be written in any language.