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DropUNIX 1.2 (drop-unix-12.hqx)

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From: (Ryan Davis)
Subject: DropUNIX 1.2

DropUNIX 1.2
By: Ryan Davis, Zen Spider Software

Why did I write DropUNIX?
Basically I was tired of writing support for some sort of user interface
for UNIX ports. What it really comes down to is I dislike both Symantec's
and MetroWerk's cconsole call. I thought, "Mac users don't DO paths... It
is even discouraged by Apple...". So I wrote this little library allowing
people to convert their ugly console app with no real interface to at LEAST
be drag & drop'able.

How do I use it?
Well, this is the nice part. So all you have to do is start a new
application project (or duplicate the examples project) add all your unix
files, the DropUNIX library, and the DropUNIX resources file. Don't forget
to make the creator 'UNX' (delta = option-d) or change the BNDL
information in the resources. Finally, include "Main.h" in the same file
that has your original main(...). It has a #define to convert your
main(...) to Main(...), so linkage is automatic once you compile...
Essentially, you never change your code!

Why should I use it?
Simplicity for the first part. You don't have to do much of anything to get
it up. Second, to maintain Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. I hate, You
hate, we all hate icky GUI's! Last, but not least Productivity. By using
DropUNIX you have increased your productivity by giving the port a new
interface for free, and you have increased your users productivity by
giving them an interface they can use intuitively...


Version 1.2 has been cleaned up quite a bit. It has been updated for CW8,
and includes a CW8 project file. It has been enhanced to compile clean
under Apple's Universal Headers 2.0+, and everything now compiles under C
or C++, with or without precompiled headers. In other words, if I can
compile it, you can compile it!