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DropShell 2.0 (drop-shell-20-c.hqx)

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From: (Stephan Somogyi)
Subject: DropShell 2.0
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 1994 15:20:45 -0700

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DropShell 2.0 - July 1st 1994

by Leonard Rosenthol, Marshall Clow, and Stephan Somogyi

DropShell is a collection of C source files that allow you to easily build
your own System 7-style drop-box applications.

Basic Features

DropShell consists of four source files and five header files that are
designed to let you quickly add your own application's functionality
without having to change the DS sources themselves much.

DropShell implements support for dragging files and folder onto the
application's icon via AppleEvents - it doesn't cheat and use the System 6
compatibility provided by System 7. DropShell is also a fully factored
application - it performs its work by sending AppleEvents to itself. This
also allows an application built on DropShell to be "recorded" by an
OSA-compatible scripting system.

DropShell handles a simple user interface including a splash screen, a
"Select File..." option and complete balloon help for all menus and

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