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DisplayGraphicsKludge 1.0.2 (display-graphics-102-c.hqx)

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Date: 20 Mar 1995 14:29:13 U
From: "Samuel Herschbein"
Subject: DisplayGraphicsKludge 1.0.2

DisplayGraphicsKludge gives vanilla (ordinary) C programs access to the
Mac's graphics, without needing to know how to program the Mac's Graphic User
Interface (GUI).
DisplayGraphicsKludge is a C procedure that graphically displays any
contiguous area of your C program's memory (RAM image) as a 2 dimensional
uniformly distributed 256 level gray scale image. The image data in memory is
interpreted as one byte per pixel, where 0 = black and 255 = white. The image
is displayed in a dialog box. The gray scale image can be printed or saved to
the disk as a TeachText/SimpleText PICT file.
DisplayGraphicsKludge requires that your computer's leftmost monitor be
set to 256 or millions of colors/greys (black&white, 4, 16, & thousands will
not work OK).

DisplayGraphicsKludge is free, courtesy of the Center for Bioengineering
at the University of Washington.

Version 1.0.2 corrects some variables defined as ints (they should be
short or long to insure that all compilers make them the right size).