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DinkClass (dink-class-c.hqx)

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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 93 08:08:11 -0800
From: (Brian Bechtel)
Subject: DinkClass

[Downloaded from AppleLink--I'm not the author, Mark Gross is. Contact him

DinkClass is a small Think C5.0 (and MPW C++) application framework for
system 7 applications.

DinkClass is now offered as shareware.
If you use ANY of it in your own software, then you must pay a one time fee
to Applied Technical Software (ATS) of $45. In return you will get
unlimited rights to distribute any COMPILED programs created using part of
DinkClass source code. However; the distribution of any source code
derived from parts of the DinkClass software MUST BE DONE WITH APPLIED
TECHNICAL SOFTWARE'S CONSENT!!!! (So, give me a call.) You also get, for
the $45, two free maintenance updates of the basic class library, of the
basic demo applications, of the documentation, any extra demo applications
I may have created (DComDemo a CTB demo, for instance), the MPW C++
supporting files (.make, .r, .c files renamed to .cp, etc.), and telephone
and EMail support. Maintenance updates go out in December and July.

The DinkClass ShareWare distribution package includes:
o Think C 5.0 projects with well commented source code for 2 applications
and the Template project.
o Think C 5.0 source files for the base class library.
o Off-line documentation of the key features implemented in the class
library, all conforming to the Feature Oriented Documentation standard
developed. Features documented in this way include:
All the applications, Scrolling Windows, Event parsing, File and I/O
handling, Clip board support, Menu Handling, and more.
o A readme file.
o A directory "Listings" file of what constitutes this ShareWare distribution.
o A shameless flier soliciting contract software development work for ATS.
o The executable form of the CTB demo application.
o This "Posting note"

Feel free to redistribute this shareware package of DinkClass as you wish, but

p.s. it would be nice if someone could but this package in some of the
INTERNET repositories (like SUMEX)

Mark Gross 12/31/92

Applied Technical Software
19548 W. Cambridge Rd.
Mundelein, IL 60060-1005
Telephone: 708.949.0925

Software engineering services in OOD, OOP, C++, C, MacApp, TCL, MPW,
ThinkC. Initial project development intended for transfer to client with
continued technical support. Turnkey, prototype, and consulting projects

I know, its another shameless plug.

p.s. If you would like to use DinkClass in an educational setting contact
me for FREE transient licensing arrangements.

--Brian Bechtel "My opinion, not Apple's"