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CCL_1.1.cpt.hqx (core-class-library-11-cpp.hqx)

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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 12:12:29 +0200
From: (Martin Seneclauze)
Subject: CCL_1.1.cpt.hqx

CoreClass is a class library for C++ developers. It offers a solid base to develop advanced class systems:

- Support for developing complex object structures: multiple linked lists, tree linked lists logical connections, etc...
- A message system to send/receive commands into multiple linked list structures, with filters.
- A basic error tracking system.
- A system for duplicating objects with various heritage levels.

CoreClass is very easy to work with, and does not rely on a particular OS, it can be compiled with a regular C++ compiler (the compiler does not have to support
"templates" or "exceptions").