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clut_fade 1.3.2 (clut-fade-131.hqx)

Download clut-fade-131.hqx (141,342 KB)

Subject: clut_fade 1.3.2

This version fixes bugs, one of which would significantly slow down
copybit operations after fading the monitor.

This is a library of screen fading operations which can be used to make
your games more professional looking. Not only does the clut_fade
library let you fade to and from black, but it also provides routines to
fade to and from a specific color or a specific clut. It also provides
some control over which monitors are faded. Demo application, library,
and source code are included. C and Pascal.

fade_to_black function written by Jonas Englund, modified by Mark Womack
for multiple monitors.

fade_to_clut function written by Macneil Shonle.

Pascal version written by Christian Franz.