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Capitalizer BBEdit Extension Source Code (capitalizer-c.hqx)

Download capitalizer-c.hqx (81,813 KB)

From: (Rui Campos)
Subject: Capitalizer BBEdit Extension Source Code

What it is:

This is a little BBEdit extension that I wrote for myself, and I'm
giving it away for free! I used the sample extension called
"Capitalize" that came with BBEdit, and made it a little more flexible.
Now it will handle more capitalization chores.

What it does:

* Have you ever wanted to change a whole block of text from uppercase to
* Have you ever wanted to quickly change a title to an appropriate title case?
* Have you ever needed to uppercase a bunch of words at once?

Have you? And did you really want to re-type all that stuff yourself?

Well then have I got an extension for you!

The Capitalizer will let you do all of that, and a little more!
Capitalizer is a utility that allows you to change the case of text in
a selection in various ways. You can change all selected text to:
* lower case
* Title Case
* Sentence case.

If you're like me, and I know I am, you'll just love it!

Written by Rui Campos

How to contact me: