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Angry Face Cursor v1.04 (angry-face-cursor-104.hqx)

Download angry-face-cursor-104.hqx (41,712 KB)

Subject: Angry Face Cursor v1.04

Angry Face Cursor v1.04

This is my fourth attempt for making shareware. This will replace your normal
boring black cursor with this nice icon of an angry face. I hope you like these
cursors I am making and have made in the past.

This should be compatible with any Mac, I have tested it on a variety of
different macs like Power Mac 5200, 5260 and also on LC 575-580's. A couple of
my friends have also tried it on their machines. If you come accross any problems
hust let me know at

Disclaimer: If anything is to happen to your Mac while you are using
thisŠwellŠtoo badŠbecuase you cannot blame me. You use this at your own risk. I
have not had any problems with it, so I doubt that you will either.

This is $3 shareware, I don't think that is too much to ask, I am going to need
every little dollar to keep making stuffŠŠŠif you feel generous you may pay more
but I ask that you atleast please send the $3. You can send it to:

Sylvan J. Furness 409 Main Street, P.O. Box 51 Hanlontown, Iowa 50444

The only reason I am putting a little fee on this piece of software is because it
took alot of time to make.

Sylvan Furness