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facespan extension 2.1 (facespan-extension-21.hqx)

Download facespan-extension-21.hqx (580,633 KB)

Subject: facespan extension 2.1

Here is version 2.1 of the FaceSpan Extension. It has been scanned for
virises by Disinfectant v3.6. This extension is being made available to
those people who want to use "mini" applications developed in FaceSpan,
which are considerably smaller than "complete" applications. Note: the
"complete" applications do NOT require this extension (because the
extension data is included in those apps).

As of this writing, the FaceSpan Extension is also available at the
Digital Technology International website as part of their FaceSpan
development demo package. Their website is:

You can also call 800-FACESPAN for more information.

I am not affiliated with Digital Technology International. I have
contributed this file to make the FaceSpan Extension more available to
the masses, partly because I am a developer of FaceSpan applications.

Good luck and enjoy

Chris G

Panorama MegaDemo 3.0.3 (panorama-mega-demo-303.hqx)

Download panorama-mega-demo-303.hqx (878,878 KB)

From: (machelp)
Subject: Panorama MegaDemo 3.0.3

This is new version of the free Panorama "MegaDemo" that was released
with version 3.0.3 of Panorama. It includes a number of new examples,
including an HTML editor built entirely within Panorama, and new
examples of Panorama's importing and exporting features.

Panorama is a database program developed by ProVUE development in
Huntington Beach, CA. It is lightning-fast, includes relational
capabilities and supports a client/server architecture. Contact for more information.