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Uploaded: YAAF1_0a6_patch (yaaf1-0a6-patch.hqx)

Download yaaf1-0a6-patch.hqx (2,442,526 KB)

Subject: Uploaded: YAAF1_0a6_patch

Uploaded is a patch to the YAAF1_0a3.hqx which makes numerous
fixes and adds several new features.

YAAF is Yet Another Application Framework, a C++ framework which
allows you to write portable applications that run on the Macintosh,
Microsoft Windows, and X Windows on Unix.

This fixes a number of bugs, adds better Appearance Manager
support to the Macintosh, better Common Controls support on
Microsoft Windows, and adds Drag and Drop. The source files
have also been rewritten to support documentation extraction
using DOC++, not included.

You need to download YAAF 1.0a3 in order to use this patch.

YAAF is released under the LGPL, meaning you may redistribute
the YAAF library freely. You may also freely link YAAF into
your own non-GPL'ed applications.

- Bill Woody
The PandaWave