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VOODOO 1.81 (voodoo-181-3.hqx)

Download voodoo-181-3.hqx (1,832,416 KB)

Subject: VOODOO 1.81

VOODOO 1.81 - our popular version control tool VOODOO is available. The new version offers so many great new features that it should be called 2.0. However, since we did already reserve this version number for the next great step (the client server solution) this version is just called 1.8. Here is a list of the most important new features of version 1.8: Support of AppleEvents and AppleScript Smooth integration with Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE. (compatible with CW IDE 1.7.4 as well as with the upcoming CW IDE 2.0). Essential parts PowerPC native. Fetch and Store operations are backgroundable. Show differences between versions (not only for text files!). Configurable local file locking (Finder flag or 'ckid' resource). Improved handling of local files including the creation of folder structures. Change local path prefix command allows to "move" whole subtrees.