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Un-SourceSafe Abstract (uss.hqx)

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Subject: Un-SourceSafe Abstract

Un-SourceSafe 1.0
User's Guide

©1998 Michael Amorose
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

What is it?

Un-SourceSafe is a Macintosh application which removes the info that Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe adds to any files you add to a SourceSafe database. On the Macintosh, Metrowerk's Visual SourceSafe Client usually adds a 'ckid' resource and sets the file's Finder label color to green or red. Un-SourceSafe strips this information.

How do I use it?

How many times have you wanted to open a file which has been added to a SourceSafe database, but not checked out, only to be told that "This file is read-only"? Pretty frustrating, isn't it? Well, just drop a file, group of files, or combination of files and folders onto Un-SourceSafe and it will remove all that nasty info any make any files dropped onto it "normal" again. But beware that if you do this, SourceSafe can no longer determine the file's checkout or revision status!

There are two versions of the app: one is named "Un-SourceSafe G3" - this version should only be run on G3-based Macs. The other version is simply named "Un-SourceSafe". This version is for all other non-G3-based PowerPC Macs.


Un-SourceSafe can only modify files nested 100 levels deep. If you have a folder with more than 100 sub folders, you will have to split the drop up into fewer levels, drop the individual folders onto Un-SourceSafe and then move the folders back. In addition, the maximum number of items that can be changed in any given folder in one drop is 1000. Due to memory limitations, you cannot drop disks onto Un-SourceSafe.

How much is it?

Un-SourceSafe is free and you can freely distribute it as long as this document accompanies it and you do not sell it or include it in any product that you charge for.

Un-SourceSafe is a PowerPC-only and so runs only on PowerPC-based Macs.

Please send any problems, bugs, or suggestions to:

Michael C. Amorose
P.O. Box 610217
San Jose, CA 95161-0217