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SW++2.1-Base.sit (sw-21-base.hqx)

Download sw-21-base.hqx (2,084,938 KB)

Subject: SW++2.1-Base.sit

SpriteWorld++ 2.1 Released
(C++/OOP Version of SpriteWorld 2.1)

Following the recent announcement of SpriteWorld 2.1, I'm happy to announce
that its C++ counterpart, SpriteWorld++ 2.1, is now available.
SpriteWorld++ 2.1 is a major update to SW++, incorporating all of the new
enhancements and bug fixes of SW 2.1. Many new demos are included in the
package, and the HTML documentation has been completely overhauled. A C++
specific FAQ is now also included.

In addition to all of the features of SW 2.1, SW++ offers the following:
- object oriented / C++ class framework
- documentation provided in HTML format with hyperlinked function
- support for new C++ draft standard exception handling
- all demos come in both PowerPC and MC680x0 flavors

System Requirements:
System 7.0 or later, 68020 or later Mac, and CodeWarrior programming
environment with the newest version of the Mac Universal Headers.

contact: Stefan Sinclair
June 09, 1998