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StuffIt Engine SDK 5.1.2 (stuffIt-sdk-512.hqx)

Download stuffIt-sdk-512.hqx (4,459,811 KB)

Subject: StuffIt Engine SDK 5.1.2

We've made it easy to add the latest StuffIt compression and
decompression technology to your applications. Plus you can add all
of the other file formats commonly found on the Internet. It's all
found in one application programming interface (API) to make it even
more convenient for you.

With version 5.1.2 of the SDK you get the very latest StuffIt Engine
technology plus a whole lot more:
* Multi-Lingual. All strings are stored in Unicode, lending files
to better cross-platform capabilities.
* Multi-Platform. All OS file information is saved, translated and
restored, regardless of the source or target platform (Macintosh,
Windows or Unix).
* Save and restore item comments on Macintosh files and folders.
* Choice of compression methods. Choose between Fastest and
Maximum, Fastest allows 20% faster compression and Maximum
compresses files up to 15-20% smaller.
* Updated MIME translation.
* Creates and decodes the new MacBinary III file format.
* Full HFS+ support on the Macintosh with correct translation of
creation and modification dates. Macintosh file comments are also
saved and restored.
* No limits. No archive file size or number limits
* ShrinkWrap. Ability to mount disk images using Aladdin's
ShrinkWrap(tm) technology
* PrivateFile and Lha archives. Includes ability to decode Private
File(tm) and Lha Archives

One Application Programming Interface (API)
The single API makes it easy to include all of these file formats or
just the ones you really want.
* StuffIt compression and decompression
* ZIP decompression
* BinHex decoding
* MacBinary decoding
* UUcode decoding
* ARC decompression
* GZIP decompression
* Unix Compress decompression
* AppleLink Package decompression
* Compact Pro decompression
* Mounting ShrinkWrap disk images
* Private File and Lha decoding