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SRGP-X 1.0b1 Abstract (srgp-x-10b1.hqx)

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From: Nick Zitzmann
Subject: SRGP-X 1.0b1 Abstract

This is SRGP-X 1.0b1. It is a port of the SRGP framework from the Mac
Toolbox to Carbon, so programs that use SRGP (Simple Raster Graphics
Protocol) can be compiled and run on Mac OS X. It requires Mac System
8.6 or later w/any version of CarbonLib, or any version of Mac OS X. It
also requires either Apple's developer tools or CodeWarrior Pro 6 or

SRGP is a raster graphics library described in the book Computer
Graphics: Principles and Practice by James D. Foley, et al. (ISBN:
0201848406 for the second edition). There was also a Mac-specific SRGP
book in print at one time or another, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Macintosh Version Software of SRGP and SPHIGS Software by James D.
Foley, et al. (ISBN: 0201609568).

SRGP is mainly used to teach students about computer graphics, but for
the purpose of this submission it belongs in the Developer tree.

Nick Zitzmann