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SpriteWorld 2.2 -> 2.2.1 Update (spriteworld-221-update.hqx)

Download spriteworld-221-update.hqx (157,351 KB)

Subject: SpriteWorld 2.2 -> 2.2.1 Update

Use this update package to bring SpriteWorld 2.2 up to version 2.2.1. Only
two minor changes were made since 2.2 was released:

€ Modified SWCollideSpriteLayer and SWCollideCircularSpriteLayer so it is now
safe to call SWRemoveSpriteFromAnimation (but not SWRemoveSprite) to remove
as many Sprites as you want from any SpriteLayer from within your
collideProc. Note that it is still unsafe to do this from a MoveProc or
FrameProc. For those routines, it is only safe to remove the srcSpriteP that
is passed to that function, or Sprites from Layers other than the one the
srcSpriteP is in. But your collideProc may remove any Sprite(s) it wishes
without any problems.

€ Fixed a bug where SWCreateRegionFromGWorldAndRect wouldn't work correctly.
This bug wouldn't have affected you unless you called this function directly,
or called BlitPixie8BitFlipSprite on a Sprite with a maskRgn.

The flexibility that was added to SWCollideSpriteLayer was considered
important enough to warrant this update, even though little else has changed
since 2.2.