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SpriteWorld 2.2 (spriteworld-22.hqx)

Download spriteworld-22.hqx (1,960,300 KB)

Subject: SpriteWorld 2.2

SpriteWorld is a free animation package for programmers that allows you to
easily add sprite-based animation to your program. SpriteWorld was designed
with game programmers in mind, and has many features that are very useful for
making games, such as smooth overlapping of sprites, custom blitters to speed
up the animation, pixel-precise collision detection, the ability to create an
unlimited number of sprites of any size, a fast scrolling engine, and much
more. SpriteWorld comes with complete source code, so you can modify it if
necessary to suit your needs.

Here are just some of the improvements in SpriteWorld 2.2:
- A dramatically improved circular scrolling engine.
- Support for multiple tile layers, as well as a background picture behind
your tiles!
- Assertions were added to SpriteWorld. Now, if you forget to do something
important (such as locking the SpriteWorld before starting the animation),
you will (hopefully) get a polite dialog box reporting the problem instead of
having your program crash.
- New routines for playing asynchronous sounds.
- New routines for quickly drawing and copying lines and framed rectangles in
both scrolling and non-scrolling SpriteWorlds.
- Many new functions, such as SWPauseSpriteLayer, SWDisposeAllSpritesInLayer,
SWCountNumSpritesInLayer, and SWCloneSpriteFromTile.
- Various bug fixes and speed improvements.
- Plus a whole lot more!

System 7.0 or later, 68020 or later Mac, CodeWarrior C or Think/Symantec C
programming environment.

Be sure to download the SpriteWorld 2.2 Extra Demos package as well!