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SpinDaWatch - MacOS Busy Cursor Routines (spinda-watch.hqx)

Download spinda-watch.hqx (10,161 KB)

Subject: SpinDaWatch - MacOS Busy Cursor Routines

SpinDaWatch is a MacOS Library (Provided in source form) to implement very easy yet elegant animated busy cursors in any MacOS Application.

FREEWARE, but do send me a note if you use this :)

The original source was written back in 1996 based on a CSMP pascal tidbit...

I recently uncovered it on an old zip and thort what the hell... I'll see if its still fine...

1996: Ran under System 7.5 on my LCIII
1998: Runs unmodified under MacOS 8.5 on a PowerMac compiled with CWPro 4

12/10/98 2:48am

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