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ShowModal XFCN 1.4 (showmodal-xfcn.hqx)

Download showmodal-xfcn.hqx (139,946 KB)

Subject: ShowModal XFCN 1.4

ShowModal XFCN 1.4
An external function that lets you enhance HyperCard stacks and SuperCard projects with customized modal and movable modal dialogs built from dialog resources. It lets you display dialogs with up to 31 interactive items, including a text list or popup menu, text entry boxes, "static" text prompts, checkboxes, radio buttons, pictures and regular or icon buttons, in nearly any combination.

ShowModal XFCN has several nice extra features:
* For dialogs with text entry boxes, you can use
character filters to allow only certain text to be entered
* You can create splash screens that automatically
close after a timeout value you specify
* You can use the "Special Key" feature to assign a
command-key to one button in any dialog
* You can specify locating the dialog at any location,
or automatically center dialogs in the screen or in
the current card window
* You can cancel a dialog by typing Command-Period
or Escape

What's new in version 1.4
Version 1.4 includes support for colored dialogs,the capability to run in SuperCard projects, support for "Select All" in dialogs with text edit items, and many improvements to the ShowModal XFCN distribution stack, including a workshop for easily writing handlers to call ShowModal XFCN from your scripts, and support for converting the distribution stack to a SuperCard project.