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Script Palette (an AppleScript Utility) (script-palette.hqx)

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Subject: Script Palette (an AppleScript Utility)

Script Palette is an easy way to improve your script editor. But don't be
misled: what it propose doesn't have the power of real scripting tools.

Listening to the complaints about Apple's Script Editor's shortcomings, I
have written in AppleScript using Dialog Director and Akua Sweets (you'll
also need Jon's Commands if you don't have OS 8.5) an applet to help fill
in these shortcomings. Here's how it works: it is a floating palette
(that can float above any application) with buttons, that are linked to
script files actually. When a button is clicked, the corresponding script
file is loaded as script object and executed. And this is why Script
Palette's possibilities are without any limits: anyone can create his own
script files and have Script Palette load them as buttons. In fact you
can also use Script Palette with any other kind of work and create your
appropriate buttons. You can customize the style, the width and the
height of the buttons. A few basic buttons are povided with Script
Palette; you can make use of them or delete them.

Script Palette is freeware. Don't forget to drop me a word
() saying that you've downloaded it: you'll be
informed about updates and receive them directly by email if you wish.
And if you find it useful, recommend it to your friends!