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runTime Lingo Scriptor 1.0 (run-time-lingo-scriptor-10.hqx)

Download run-time-lingo-scriptor-10.hqx (124,325 KB)

From: Stephan
Subject: runTime Lingo Scriptor 1.0

The runTime Lingo Scriptor is a utility which allows you to write Lingo
during runtime in Macromedia Director projectors! Ideal for testing and
debugging purposes, it even lets you open and save your new Lingo coded scripts!

Pricing and availability

RunTime Lingo Scriptor is priced at US$ 30. You receive a personal
registration code when you make the payment using the enclosed
"Register" application or trough our secure payments service at Lingo Scriptor is available from our website,
as well as several online archives. Occiasionally, you may find our
software included and distributed on third-party CD-ROMS. (No special
permission is needed for inclusion and distribution of this software.)