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respondsrc - preemptive multitasking w/source code (respond-src.hqx)

Download respond-src.hqx (106,560 KB)

Subject: respondsrc - preemptive multitasking w/source code

This package contains source code for Respond!

Respond! is a control panel that brings a limited form of preemptive
multitasking to the Macintosh right now. And it runs on any Mac, 68k or
PowerPC, with System 7.0 or later. No more waiting for MacOS X or
Rhapsody. Even in Mac OS 8, if you hold down a menu in the Finder,
processes will not continue in the background. With Respond!, you can be
holding down a menu (particularly useful with Sticky Menus in Mac OS 8), or
clicking in a the zoom or close boxes (or the WindowShade collapse box in
Mac OS 8), or dragging a window or the thumb of a scroll bar, and processes
will continue in the background.

Respond! includes the option to use Live Window drag. When this option is
turned on, the full window, not just the outline, will be dragged, and both
foreground and background processing will continue, meaning the window
itself will be updated as its being dragged around! For example, you can
drag around an mp3 player window and watch as it continues playing and
updating the time counter while moving.

Wolf Technologies, Inc.