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Resplendence Lite 1.0 (resplendence-lite-10.hqx)

Download resplendence-lite-10.hqx (2,206,314 KB)

Subject: Resplendence Lite 1.0

Resplendence is a modern feature-rich resource editor by Kreative
Software. Unlike other resource editors, Resplendence can edit many file
and resource formats. It also includes many features and utilities that
other resource editors don't. The Lite version has fewer features than
the full version, but it is smaller and less likely to crash like other
resource editors do.

The Resplendence home page is at:

The home page includes a link to the online help, with more information
about Resplendence and what it can do.

MacOS Classic and Windows versions may be found at:

Resplendence and Resplendence Lite are (c) 2002-2003 Kreative Software.