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Resource Tweezer 1.0 (resource-tweezer-10.hqx)

Download resource-tweezer-10.hqx (584,966 KB)

Subject: Resource Tweezer 1.0

Resource Tweezer is a utility to allow you to extract any type of
resource from a file or application. Resource Tweezer places the
extracted resources(in the form of ResEdit files) in folders, each
containing all extracted resources of that type(For example, PICT’s go
in the PICTs folder). These resources are then suitable for use with any
REALbasic project, or other purposes. Resource Tweezer is designed
especially with REALbasic programmers in mind, but it may also be
helpful for individuals who wish to extract sounds or pictures for
personal use, such as new system alerts or desktop pictures. Check out
Resource Tweezer at

Please include this on any CD-Roms you desire.