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Resource Extractor v1.0 (resource-extractor.hqx)

Download resource-extractor.hqx (1,108,878 KB)

Subject: Resource Extractor v1.0

This is a fully functional, 30-day demo of Resource Extractor. Resource
Extractor is a shareware utility that makes it easy to extract any type and
number of resources from any file. Resource Extractor takes those resources,
and creates a folder of individual ResEdit files, each containing one of the
resources. These are then suitable to drop into a REALbasic project.

Developers may also want to collect resources used in their projects, like
cursors,icons, or sounds. HyperCard or SuperCard developers may just want
to be able to collect resources in folders that make it easy to categorize
and organize them.

For developers who are working with SuperCard projects, Resource Extractor
can also extract resources from the data fork as well as the resource fork.
Now some of the fantastic externals developed by SuperCard developers,
distributed as SuperCard projects, can be used with other programming

Rick Downs
red designs