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ResCompare 2.6 (res-compare-26.hqx)

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Subject: ResCompare 2.6

ResCompare is a programmer's utility that compares resource files and
their data forks. It can also update the resources that have changed,
show detailed differences between two resources, and generate a
selfÐapplying patch application that will convert one or more old
versions of a file into a target version.

ResCompare requires System 7 or later, plus the Thread Manager. System
7.5 and later versions automatically include Thread Manager; older
systems require an AppleÐprovided extension. SelfÐapplying patches made
with ResCompare will run on any system version. ResCompare is a fat
application, meaning it runs at native speed on the Power Macintosh.
SelfÐapplying patches made with ResCompare are 68KÐonly, to conserve
space and preserve compatibility with older machines.

This software is FREE. ResCompare is Copyright (c) 1989Ð96 by Michael
Hecht. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and distribute it freely, so
long as you donÕt make any money off of it. Please be sure to distribute
the ResCompare application and its documentation together.