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RE: RBDBM.sit.hqx (rbdb-maker-10.hqx)

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Subject: RE: RBDBM.sit.hqx
From: Rick
Subject: RBdbMaker v.1.0 for Macintosh.

RBdbMaker is a REALbasic Database management tool. It was initially
created to overcome some of the bugs associated with trying to create
and edit REALdatabases from within the REALbasic environment. I found
that during development, inspecting the databases that I built ran the
risk of corrupting the database, whereafter I was unable to open the
database. Besides the constant backup approach, I also needed a way to
manipulate the database after I built it and the REALbasic environment
is not that flexible with its own built-in database engine.

With RBdbMaker, it is possible to store your SQL in a text file, and to
call on RBdbMaker whenever one needs to recreate or change the database
-- entirely through SQL commands. This is particularly helpful for large

database constructs.

This distribution is fully functional shareware. A message box will
popup during certain functions reminding the user to register the

PowerPC Macintosh running Mac OS 8.6 or 9

REALbasic Programming Environment v.2.1.2