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Polyglot 1.1 (polyglot.hqx)

Download polyglot.hqx (110,400 KB)

Subject: Polyglot 1.1

This is version 1.1 of Polyglot. Polyglot is an open-source
command-line tool that helps with the development of Cocoa applications
that have multiple localizations. Keeping localizations in synch is
always a pain -- making sure everything has been localized properly, no
files have been overlooked, etc. Polyglot can help. Localizations can
take up a lot of disk, too, and with its ability to optimize your
localization files, polyglot can help with that, too. Add it to your
build so it checks and optimizes automatically each time you build.
A web page describing Polyglot may be found at A company page
for Stick Software is at
Polyglot may be included on CD-ROM archives.

Version 1.1 changes:

Added the ability to check and warn about the format of nib files
Added more intelligence to the checking for string equality, to exclude
inconsequential hits

Ben Haller
Stick Software