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PayWare Register v1.2 (payware-register-system-12.hqx)

Download payware-register-system-12.hqx (1,596,447 KB)

Subject: PayWare Register v1.2

The PayWare Register system is a unique payment-processing system for
software publishers and shareware authors. It offers software authors the
ability to configure a unique registration utility to ship with their
software. Instead of wasting time building their own registration software,
authors can now create their own program within only minutes. The PayWare
Register software gives your customers an easy, Mac-friendly way of finding
out exactly how they can pay you for your work. And it allows those
customers to do so via a smooth, attractive interface that enhances the look
and feel of your entire product. Better yet, the program is designed to look
like your own creation, not a all-purpose registration solution. PayWare
Register comes complete with PayWare Setup, the configuration application
that allows you to configure your own ?Register1 applications quickly and
easily... No resource work or tricky toggles. Full discussion in the Read Me


Thank you much!