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Omikron Basic 6.32 (omikron-basic-demo-632.hqx)

Download omikron-basic-demo-632.hqx (3,681,267 KB)

Subject: Omikron Basic 6.32

Omikron Basic 6.32 for Apple Power Mac (Demo Version, English)

- Omikron BASIC is a highspeed developing language with large selection
of mathematical functions, fast operating string management, easy access
to all Mac OS functions and easy-to-build shared libraries/plug-ins.

- Omikron Basic is an efficient and powerful programming language for
sophisticated software development. Ideal for scientific /engineering

- The extremely fast compiler translates even lengthy programs into
highly optimized code in seconds.

No runtime libraries necessary.

- Remarkably fast operating string management without any previous

- Omikron Basic also allows you to build shared libraries and plug-ins.

- Intelligent editor checks syntax during code input.

- Modular programming using procedures/functions possible.

- Global and local variables enable recursive programming.

- All functions of the Macintosh operating system can be called from
Omikron Basic.

- Multi-Window-Editing allows working at One Program in many different
windows. Anoying back and forth scrolling is no longer necessary. -
Changes made in one window are transmitted to all the others at once.

- EasyGem Library enables surfaces typically of the Mac.

- Extensive documentation, discounts for academics.

System requirements: Apple Power Macintosh with at least 6 MB of free
RAM, System 7.3 or higher