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NameRegistry Inspector 1.0 US available (name-registry-10.hqx)

Download name-registry-10.hqx (133,920 KB)

From: Pascal CARDON sur Club Internet
Subject: NameRegistry Inspector 1.0 US available

The Name Registry, is a data structure maintained by Mac OS that stores
hardware and software configuration information in the second generation of
Power Macintosh computers.

This Name Registry is only discribed in the developper documentation
"Designing PCI Cards and Drivers for Power Macintosh Computers".

NameRegistry Inspector will show you these data. You will find very very
interesting things, mainly in the recent Macintosh : detailed hardware
configuration, memory sims characteristics, various internal speeds (CPU,
memory bus, backside cache, PCI bus, USB, IEE1394 ...), Mac serial number,
case color code, detailed USB configuration, various manufacturers names of
your USB devices (ie: Apple mouse and keyboard ...) etc...

NameRegistry Inspector is able to save the results in a file or to print.

Shareware notice :
NameRegistry Inspector is a 10$ US shareware.
It runs on a Power Macintosh or compatible.

Program installation and use :
+ Simply lauch NameRegistry Inspector
+ The programm will list the entire Name Registry which consist of a
hierarchy, inside which there are properties.
+ For a each property the program shows the name and if available the
associated value(s).
+ In case of big values (hundreds of bytes) the data is shown as a memory
dump : hex values, then ASCII representation if possible
+ In case of very big values (thousands of bytes), the memory dump is
limited to the first 608 bytes. This will be changed if future release,
where the user will have the choice to give a max dump size or not. The 608
Bytes limit was added to avoid a too big list...
+ For short values (below 5 bytes), data is also shown as decimal values.

Version history :
01/04/2000 : V1.0 first public version

Future releases :
Add user options like :
+ Choose the # of bytes to dump for big properties
+ A more detailed summary of the configuration
+ A more detailed user's manual with a commented Registry listing