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[*] Mac06-1.0-Basic.hqx (mac06-10-basic.hqx)

Download mac06-10-basic.hqx (748,551 KB)

From: "H. Nikolaus Schaller"
Subject: [*] Mac06-1.0-Basic.hqx

Dear Mac and Mac06 friend,
release 1.0 of Mac06 is available!

Mac06 is a POSIX (UNIX) emulation running on top of MacOS.

Mac06-1.0-Basic.hqx is the freeware kernel. For more sophisticated applications,
other shareware packages are required. Please have a look at for a Press Release, for a Description, and for Extended
Download and Installation Instructions.

Thank you very much for continued support of Mac06,
H. Nikolaus Schaller