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MacPython 2.0 distribution. (mac-python-20.hqx)

Download mac-python-20.hqx (8,821,440 KB)

From: Jack Jansen
Subject: MacPython 2.0 distribution.

MacPython 2.0 is officially released as of now!

Python is a high-level programming language that is suitable for
simple scripting tasks as well as writing large
applications. MacPython offers a lot of Mac-specific extensions,
including access to all major MacOS Toolbox modules (QuickDraw,
QuickTime, AppleScript and many more), an Integrated Development
Environment (in Python!), frameworks for windowing applications,
unix-compatible cgi-scripting, image-manipulation libraries, numerical
libraries, tk-based machine independent windowing and lots more. It
also uniquely among Pythons allows you to create fully selfcontained
(and, hence, distributable) applications without needing a C compiler
or anything.

MacPython is completely free, and Open Source.

Go to to download the installer
or the full source distribution, and for more information on
MacPython. Go to for general information on
Python on all platforms.

For those familiar with MacPython, here is the edited list of
highlights when comparing this version with MacPython 1.5.2 (see for machine-independent differences):
- Thread support
- Tkinter works again
- Appearance support
- Navigation support
- Offscreen QuickDraw
- Drag manager support
- Much better CGI support and examples

The bad news:
- This release is PPC only. 68K users should stick with 1.5.2.
- This release is not Carbonized yet. Expect a Carbon MacPython in a
few months.