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Mac F2C v1.4.1 (mac-f2c-141.hqx)

Download mac-f2c-141.hqx (1,724,616 KB)

Subject: Mac F2C v1.4.1

Mac F2C is a Fortran-to-C translator for the Macintosh.

It requires the following:

(1) a Macintosh with a 68020 (or better) or a PowerPC
(2) MacOS 7.1 or better
(3) 2.5 MB of available RAM
(4) A C/C++ compiler to actually compile the code produced
by Mac F2C.

Version 1.4.1 is a minor upgrade to v1.4 to make Mac F2C fully
compatible with CodeWarrior Pro Release 3. It also includes a
new installer and revised documentation.

Mac F2C is based on the f2c translator developed by AT&T.

Mac F2C is freeware. It may be freely used and freely distributed
so long as all documentation and copyright notices are included.

The f2c engine is copyright 1990-1998 by AT&T Bell Laboratories
and Bellcore. The Macintosh inteface of Mac F2C is copyright
1994-1998 by Igor Mikolic-Torreira.

Mac F2C v1.4.1 is distributed as a binhexed Installer VISE

Igor Mikolic-Torreira