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Mac06 0.99 (mac-06-basic-099.hqx)

Download mac-06-basic-099.hqx (365,532 KB)

Subject: Mac06 0.99

Dear Mac users,
a new beta preview release of Mac06, the POSIX system for MacOS, is available:
Release 0.99 for 680x0 Macs (and PPC of course through the emulator).

Mac06 features simple installation and runs in parallel with MacOS (7.x and
later) - either 68k or PPC. The file system maps the MacOS HFS files to a
POSIX namespace, provides device files for terminal windows, serial I/O and a
/proc directory. Mac06 has multitasking capability - even in parallel with
the Finder. The command shell (sh) supports I/O redirection, pipes,
and shell variable substitution. Many useful commands like ls, cat, more,
fgrep, find, test, expr, mkdir, rmdir, mv, cp, uuencode/decode, cal are provided.
C-Libraries to compile application programs with Symantec C or Code Warrior are provided.

Major new features of release mac06-0.99:
* assembler, linker and executor for 680x0 code
* assembler for Power PC including AltiVec (but no execution yet)
* c89 preprocessor running (c89 -E)
* initd to initialize and control system activities
* additional commands

The new C compiler already allows preprocessing but the parser and code generator
are disabled (as they have still too many bugs that will have to be fixed for
release 1.0).

The kernel and command line shell are part of the Mac06-Basic package provided
by info-mac.
The Mac06-Advanced package which includes the compiler, assembler and linker can be
downloaded directly from

Please do intensive testing and give me as much feedback as possible.

Thank you very much,
Nikolaus Schaller