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[FTP] LSQL20_OpenClient.hqx (lsql-20-open-client.hqx)

Download lsql-20-open-client.hqx (1,767,625 KB)

From: "Hao Li"
Subject: [FTP] LSQL20_OpenClient.hqx

LSQL is a SQL query tool for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. It was started
as a replacement of isql from Sybase in version 1. But now with version 2,
LSQL has a version with FreeTDS support called "LSQL for FreeTDS", which
means no need of Sybase OpenClient runtime for Macintosh. OpenClient is
still supported in "LSQL for OpenClient".

System 8.5 or higher and PowerPC are required. LSQL is threaded, and a long
query won't block other queries or other running softwares. It works on
MacOS 8.6, which was the primary reason to develop the software, since isql
can run due to the font bug on MacOS 8.6.

"LSQL for FreeTDS" has no other requirement but the one before.
"LSQL for OpenClient" requires Sybase OpenClient 10. OpenClient 11 works,
but SYBASE has to be setup to point to the folder of the interface file.

LSQL is distributed as shareware. For lateste version, mount the public
folder on my iDisk "li_hao_" using Apple's iTools at

Hao Li