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List inspector Xtra (list-inspector-xtra-111.hqx)

Download list-inspector-xtra-111.hqx (81,943 KB)

From: Kris
Subject: List inspector Xtra

What's new in this version:

* Extended Tree View functionality

Product Description:

Whitemedia's List Inspector is a special watcher window for Macromedia
Director. The plugin is intended to be used within the Director IDE (or so
called Authoring Mode).

The List Inspector will display lists (which are Lingo equivalent for array
and matrix implementation) in a more comprehensible way than the square
bracket littered list form. Linear and Property lists can be displayed, as
well as sprites and parent script instances.

The List Inspector has 3 visual modes: the first is the Record View, in
which the list is displayed on a record-per-record basis. The second, the
Table View, will display the list as a table, very similar as you would
expect to see in any spreadsheet application. The third is the Tree View,
making the inspection of nested lists easier than ever.

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