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Key Values 1.0 (key-values.hqx)

Download key-values.hqx (10,980 KB)

From: Andrew Merenbach
Subject: Key Values 1.0

Key Values is an AppleScript program which will convert a keyboard character
into its ASCII equivalent, and vice-versa.

Until the registration fee of $3.00 is paid, the program will display a
dialog box every startup (that will go away after three seconds) requesting
you to register; clicking on the button labeled "Register" allows you to
enter your name and registration code.

Registration options include (1) US Cash; (2) a money order cashable in the
US; or (3) via PayPal. I much prefer the last method, as it gets the money
to me more quickly, and gets the code to you quickly as well. (If you're
interested in finding out about PayPal, go to .)
Sorry, but no C.O.D.'s!