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Jon's RealBasic Classes 1.0 (jons-realbasic-classes.hqx)

Download jons-realbasic-classes.hqx (83,494 KB)

From: "Jonathyn Bet'nct"
Subject: Jon's RealBasic Classes 1.0

Jon's RealBasic Classes is a set of custom classes for RealBasic. Examples
are included.

NumberField: Automatically filters out non-numeric characters from
EditFields while you're typing.
MultiCheckbox: Create a checkbox with up to 3 out of 12 possible states.
Change the colors, too.
FaderControl: Automatic fading boxes, buttons, and lines.
ScrollingText and ScrollingEdit: Those annoying scrollers that you see all
the time on web pages.
ComplexLib: Complex numbers for RealBasic! All the way from arithmetic to
trigonometry. Formulas are created using English-like syntax. Examples are
included in the ClassExamples.
SimFolderItem: Create a FolderItem-like object from any hierarchical list.
Combine with a file list box, and you have automatic hierarchical listboxes,
too. Supports AbsolutePath, Name, Parent, Child, Item, Count, Directory, and