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InstallerMaker 6.5 (installer-maker-65.hqx)

Download installer-maker-65.hqx (8,710,460 KB)

From: Aladdin Systems Public Relations
Subject: InstallerMaker 6.5

Real Name: InstallerMaker 6.5 Installer
Size: 8708178 bytes
Encoding: BinHex
Release Date: 29-November-1999
Requirements: Mac OS 7.1 or higher, 8MB of RAM, 68020 or better processor
License: Contact for licensing info

Why You Need the New InstallerMaker 6.5:

Create Complex Installers in a Snap. InstallerMaker's time-saving features
build smart, complex installers in a flash. Version 6.5 includes a new Archive
Freshening feature to automatically update installer archive files, supports
multiple Gestalt conditions and up to 224 packages, adds 33 new Destinations
for Apple's new system defined folders, is PowerPC native and Mac OS 9
compatible, to help you be as productive and thorough as possible.

Small Installers Save Time and Money. InstallerMaker builds the smallest
installers in the industry to give you added time and cost savings. Using
the StuffIt Engine, InstallerMaker creates installers faster and smaller
(up to 15% smaller) than any other software installation utility. Smaller
installers download faster and easier, give you more space on your CD or
diskette, increase hard disk space for fewer hardware upgrade needs, and
broaden network bandwidth. These time and cost savings go straight to your
bottom line!

Nothing's Easier to Use. InstallerMaker's intuitive point-and-click
interface makes setting destinations and installation conditions
practically effortless. It's fully scriptable and recordable, allowing you
to automate the build process to save labor and improve quality through more
consistent and faster installer builds. Record actions as scripts, or build
your own, to automate future builds and reduce the workload of your
engineering staff. Install files from FTP or HTTP sites easily and create
demoware or trialware in minutes.

InstallerMaker is designed to give you all the powerful features you need
in one easy-to-use package.

InstallerMaker and its installers require a Macintosh with a 68020 or
better processor. The InstallerMaker application requires System 7.1 or
higher and 8 MB of allocated memory.