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HexEdit1.20 (hexedit-120.hqx)

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Subject: HexEdit1.20

HexEdit v 1.2

Copyright © 1993 Jim Bumgardner
Portions Copyright © 1996 Lane Roathe

Here is my modified version of HexEdit, which I have placed at version 1.2
(v1.0x is
from Jim Bumgardner, v1.1x is from Dave Polaschek)

€€€ From Jim's original Docs:

HexEdit is a hexdump viewer and editor that works similarly to the hex
editor provided
with Apple's ResEdit. It allows you to edit either the data fork or the
resource fork of a

I wrote HexEdit because I needed to be able to insert/delete bytes from
the data fork of
files I was testing, and tools like FEdit don't have insert/deletion.

HexEdit is freeware. The author retains the copyright, including the
right to alter or sell
the program. You may use and copy HexEdit only on a non-commercial basis.
may not sell this program without the author's permission.

€€€ New features added:

€ Ability to compare two files, & preferences for this feature

€ Ability to switch between forks of the same file with a menu command,
even if the other fork has not been directly opened yet (ie, it

€ Source code is now completely free of warnings (well, in CodeWarrior

€ Source is now Universal Headers 2.x compatible
€ Program is not "fat", with source modifications for Power PC compiles
The original idea for file comparison was made by Jeff Smith.

Please, feel free to distribute this version of HexEdit as you please, I'd
just ask for
appropriate credit. I happen to use this program quite a bit, so if you
make any changes
please let me know, and I will try to get them into a new version.

Thanks to Jim for releasing such a fine program, and even more so for the
source, as it's
helped to make this program much more useful for myself and others! You
may wish to
check out IFD's mac web site, as it has several utilities w/source.

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Lane Roathe
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Arroyo Grande, CA 93420