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Gammasoft FabuLogo (gs-fabulogo.hqx)

Download gs-fabulogo.hqx (61,949 KB)

Subject: Gammasoft FabuLogo

Here is an implementation of the Logo programming language. There is no
documentation, so you may want to look at some books on Logo first.

This file requires the Gammasoft Runtime Engine. If you don't have the
Gammasoft Runtime Engine, you can download it from this server or, if you
have MacOS Easy Open enabled, use the HyperCard Player instead.

When you decompress this file, be sure to put it in the same folder as the
Main Menu file. Also put an alias of the Gammasoft FabuLogo file in the
`Data folder. Make sure the alias doesn't have an " alias" suffix or a
space after it's name.